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Welcome the litter·robot Connect, the WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats.

I have three kitties, Panda, Peach and Petra and the litter-box situation has gotten a little out of hand 😬 I have tried everything from multiple litter-boxes (need lots of space) to just one large litter-box. I've been scooping and changing litter frequently but nothing seemed to work to keep the odor and mess to a minimum.

While researching on how to solve my kitty problems I came across litter·robot and I could not believe what I had found. A self-cleaning wifi enabled multi-cat litter-box, MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! This beauty of a litter-box checks every box possible on my "perfect litter-box" list of requirements 😁

It does it all

✔️ Multi-Cat

✔️ Reduce/Eliminate Odor

✔️ Self Cleaning

✔️ Wifi Enabled

Through the smartphone app, litter·robot will notify you when you need to change out the waste drawer and even tracks all their activity which can let you know if they are over-using litter·robot which can give you a heads-up on any health problems with your furry friends.

When I got the litter·robot in the mail I had to test it out, I mean c'mon its a robot 😆 I was very curious.

I had some caramel candies and decided that would be appropriate to use as my "test dummies" 😂

I added some clumping kitty-litter to the fill-line and simply placed the candies on top and let the litter·robot do it's thing.

I was amazed on how well litter·robot sifted the waste, this will reduce litter usage drastically. Once litter·robot was finished with it's cycle, you simple open the waste drawer and remove the bag, super easy and efficient.

litter·robot has integrated controls right on the unit as well as the smartphone controls through the app.

litter·robot also has a litter catcher built into the kitty-step which reduces litter tracking.

litter·robot also has available accessories such as a ramp, cabinet and more...

I've had the litter·robot for a few weeks now and i'm super impressed. If you're tired of scooping and changing litter daily check out the litter·robot, you won't be disappointed. I change out the waste bag once every few days and have to add a couple scoops of litter every other day and NO MORE ODOR.

Thanks for reading and check out litter·robot 💋