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In a sea of options, it can be intimidating to choose products for our children. I had put off getting a new bed for Athena, because I was determined to find one that matched the décor of her room, while also offering her the safety she still needs.

This month I had the opportunity to test out Delta Children’s toddler bed, and I have to say I am so impressed. The best feature of this bed is the side railings. They provide the security of a crib, while still offering some of the freedom of a “big girl” bed.


Athena loves to tuck herself in for bedtime and naps. I love that she can now climb in and out of the bed with ease. I was also really concerned about Athena falling out of bed during the night. She sleeps sideways, upside down, pretty much every way aside from normally. And the rails on each side of the bed, keep her safe from any accidental rolling.

Athena also loved getting all dolled up for this photoshoot, it’s such a fun time for me when I get to include my littles in the fun of what I get to do everyday.


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