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Diaper Bag 2.0

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Can we just talk about this diaper bag from lily jade? It has redefined all diaper bag stereotypes for me. You know, the ugly diaper bags our mom seemed to carry. The ones with huge printed bears, or ducks, or bows on them. There’s nothing wrong with those kind of diaper bags, but as a mom it’s nice to be able to carry a diaper bag that’s, well a little bit less “diaper bag-y.”

Not only is this bag super chic and looks far more like a designer handbag than a diaper bag. Did I mention that it is made from full grain leather, and has stunning gold details? But it also doubles as a backpack or crossbody bag with just a few adjustments to the straps. This is a really handy feature for day trips with the family (looking super cute at the zoo anyone?)

And let’s not forget my favorite part about this bag; it’s pretty blush color. I’m pretty convinced that if no other color aside for blush existed than I would be perfectly fine with that. Everything from my pillows, to my candles, to my blankets in my house are blush. And now, thanks to lily jade, I can add this adorable and versatile bag to the list.

Thank you all for checking out this beautiful bag, be sure to head over to Lily Jade for more amazingly innovative bags

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