KitNip Box

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m one of those crazy obsessed cat moms. How do you know you’re a crazy cat mom? You might ask. Well, you must meet the three criteria points for being one ;

1.) Buys cat clothes (my cats all have matching sweaters)

2.) Calls the cats “your brother” when talking about one of them to my kids

3.) Utilizes cat subscription boxes and merrily records all of it because hey, it’s good to see your furry friend get as much joy out of a special little box as I do when I get my fashion subscription boxes every month.

And where as getting a cat subscription box might move me from the “has cats” to “cat lazy” category, it also makes me the coolest cat mom in town, so I’m totally okay with that. This month we got to try out KitNip. KitNip is a fun subscription box just for your feline friends. My cats went nuts for it. It was such fun to watch them enjoy the toys, and treats included in the box. It was an added bonus that the treats are also all natural, so they’re good for my fur babies as well. My newest kitten, Petra rolled around inside the box itself for a good 30 minutes after the unboxing, happily tossing around a red stuffed bird toy. Our cats bring us such joy, and it was so nice to bring some extra joy to them with this little box of fun.

What we absolutely LOVE about KitNip are the themes of the boxes. February's box was office themed, it included the cutest office supplies like a briefcase, pencil, nameplate & more. As you see Panda is sporting his new bow-tie like a proper gentleman.


Click the Image below to check out what fun KitNip has to offer your furry friends