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Meghan Markle Inspired Look book👑

Excited doesn't even begin to cover my feelings FINALLY putting this post together. I came up with the idea to start a celebrity look book series on my blog a year ago, and finally put it into motion when I saw Meghan Markle's wedding day style last year. Her looks combine the chic status we all expect out of the royals, with an endearing "girl-next-door" quality. While, it's probably no secret that her looks come with a hefty price tag (her wedding dress was valued at a reported $135,000) I wanted to curate looks that still rang true to the duchess, without breaking the bank.

For this shoot we ventured up to Ottawa, Canada. If you haven't visited the architecture is absolutely stunning, and very reminiscent to that in England. We shot these looks over the course of 5-6 hours, and ended the trip with a huge Walmart haul outside Ottawa, stocking up on all of our favorite treats that you just can't find in the US (Smarties and Aero bars have become a new favorite of mine).

Upon spending hours screen-grabbing my favorite Meghan Markle looks, watching every TLC special and doing a good amount of googling, I concluded three fashion trends that Meghan seems to wear on repeat.

1.) Neutral Colors- oh, how my soul sang when I saw that about 90 percent of the time, the duchess dresses in a sea of creamy neutrals. Tans, whites, browns, and blacks filled the screen with every search I conducted.

2.) Layers. The duchess also seems to be a big fan of layering up her pieces. She's almost always photographed wearing a stunning duster, trench coat, or blazer.

3.) Hats. The royals all bring their hat a-game, but Markle has really taken it into stride this past year. She's been seen in fedoras, sunhats, berets, and Boat Hats, and looks absolutely fab in them all.

Putting these looks together was so much fun. I used inspo from some of my favorite Meghan looks as well as using some of the style-rules she plays by to curate looks of my own. And the best part? Every single piece I' m wearing can be purchased for under $100. It was so important to me when bringing this post to life, that everything I showcased was affordable. I linked every product in the text under the picture so ya'all can click to shop and embrace the princess within.


This first look was right out of Meghan's playbook. I paired these slimming black tailored trousers, with a white bodysuit, and a black blazer, to mimic Markle's stunning tailored Alexander McQueen suit. Instead of Markles pricy pumps I opted for this pair from Shoetopia that rings up at under $40!


Photo Credit; Popsugar




This next look was another recreation of mine. I loved that Meghan played with a bit of color in a darling blue shirt dress last summer. My play on this look included a powder blue shirt-dress that came in my, My Fashion Crate box for June. I added a pair of nude scalloped pumps, and this $14 cream, circle handle bag, so that the dress remained the main focus of the look.

Meghan Markle Looks stunning in this electric blue Shirt-dress (Photo credit PmCfootwearnews)



This Third look was my absolute favorite. I knew going into this shoot that I NEEDED to find a coat that mimicked Markle's style, while also being affordable for all of you. That proved itself to be a very difficult task. Two weeks before I went out on the shoot I stumbled on this nude colored one from Showpo and fell in love. The quality is amazing and you can snag it for a fraction of the price of Meghan's,.

This wool, floppy brim hat really pulled this entire look together, and is a dead ringer for Meghan's (pictured below).

Photo credit; Fashionsizzle


This entire look was an inspiration I had filtering through Meghan's looks over the years. I styled this skirt into a dress, and added a light duster (all in neutral colors of course). This beret and blush pumps really gave it that "royal" feeling.




This look was my take on Meghan's casually chic way of introducing herself to the world as Prince Harry's other half. Meghan wowed in a casual chic look complete with aviators and a perfectly tailored button-up shirt at a tennis match in September of 2018 (pictured below). I opted for trousers instead of jeans and added a sleek pair of white loafers to complete the look. My shirt you can find for a steal at Showpo. And my boat-hat is another beauty from Fashionablehats, you really can't go wrong with a great summer hat.

Photo Credit; Goodhousekeeping Uk


Thanks so much for reading dolls,

Let me know what kind of Look Book you'd like to see next!

xx 💋

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