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Mini Getaway to Lake Placid N.Y.

Lake Placid

There’s nothing better for the soul and spirit, than spending a few days away from home. It was so refreshing and relaxing to explore one of my favorite local villages,

Lake Placid, NY last weekend. Seriously, what’s better than a stay-cation? You get to explore new places, stay away from home and bond with your family, without having to drive or fly far away.

The atmosphere in Lake Placid is like something out a Hallmark movie. It was just the right place for me to fall in love with New York in the wintertime again. The snow, even in March was welcomed, falling softly on the quiet streets below. Twinkling strings of lights hung from trees and street lamps alike. The entire village seemed to completely exclude itself from the rest of the world. And for two days’ time, I got to emerge myself, in what felt like the inside of a peaceful Christmas snow globe🗻.


We were hosted for our stay by The Haus, a modern lodging and vacation rental property, with several stunning lakefront options. We chose to stay in suite 8, a breathtaking one-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, living and dining area, and balcony which provided an excellent view of the frozen masterpiece that Mirror Lake become in the winter months.

The view from the lake-side balcony overseeing Mirror Lake was absolutely breathtaking 🌄

The Haus has a beautiful modern atmosphere and amazing staff


Throughout our stay the kids enjoyed looking out at the village from many of the beautifully lit windows in our Haus apartment. The village comes alive at night, with local, family run businesses cooking up delicious food, serving unique locally brewed drinks, and delivering a homey atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here are some of our must haves for Lake Placid food and drinks;


SoulShine Bagel serves up in-house made bagels turned into totally unique breakfast sandwich creations. I had a delicious hot mocha latte, and a bagel sandwich layered with cream cheese, onion and smoked salmon. This was such a unique treat. Insiders tip: you must try their rainbow bagels, they are delicious and so pretty!



Our favorite lunch spot was the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery, a quaint little pub, with simple lunch options that aren’t lacking in flavor. Here are some fun facts about the

Lake Placid Pub & Brewery or LPP&B for short. It was one of the first brewpubs in NY state, the Pub’s beer, especially their famous Ubu Ale is distributed in five states on draft and in bottles and cans. The Pub was also selected twice as the Best Brewery in NYS, and three times as the Best Brewery in the Hudson Valley.



For dinner we enjoyed a few different restaurants. Our first night in town, we dined at Desperados, a self-proclaimed MexiQuinn restaurant, that’s been family owned for over 24 years! Desperados, or Despos as the locals call it, serves up a hearty mixture of Mexican and Irish cuisine. The in house made salsa and hot sauce may draw you in, but the warm family-owned environment and filling portions of authentic Mexican fair, will make you want to come again and again.


We also enjoyed dining at the Big Slide Brewery & Public House. The Big Slide Brewery has a uniquely industrial atmosphere that sets itself apart from other establishments in the area. Another plus to dining at the Big Slide is that their menu is all sourced from local farmers. They also have a separate fermentation room (A.K.A the funk room) specifically designed for their sour and wild-fermented beers. Travelers tip: If you visit the Big Slide, get the steak and cheesecake, you can thank me later 😉


I could probably chat for days about my amazing little weekend away in Lake Placid. If you’re local to the area, or are planning on visiting New York, I’d highly recommend you spend a night of two in the quaint village of Lake Placid. The beautiful scenery combined with the warm atmosphere and homey hospitality is unforgettable. And if you do swing by, tell them Rachel sent you 😉

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