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Mott & Bow

There’s nothing I love more than watching women argue over who’s here for the “right reasons,” on the bachelor, and finding a great pair of denim. The two might be completely unrelated, but this March I was addicted to the bachelor and finding the most perfect pair of “mom jeans.” So every Monday night consisted of myself, a cup of coffee (or two) watching Colton awkwardly navigate his way around dating 30 women, and frantically searching “mom jeans,” on the internet. My problem in finding just the right pair became that I was looking for a classic, no fuss pair of jeans with a great fit, medium wash, and little to no distressing or fade.


Around the time Colton jumped the fence for Cassie (if you’re not a Bachelor fan I do apologize), I found myself stumbling upon Mott & Bow’s website. The “Benson” jean won my heart 💜 and I ended up also getting a pair of jeans for my husband. I’ve been trying to convince him forever to hop on the fitted jean band wagon, and I figured if this pair somehow magically “slid” its way into his two pair of old jeans rotation, then maybe I’d finally get my wish.

I have to say, these jeans met every requirement for my new pair of denim.

✔️ High waisted

✔️ Medium wash

✔️ No distressing or fuss

Basically, they’re just a classic, closet must have. But in a sea of skinnies, jeggings distressing, and studs, they were a welcome addition to my wardrobe 👖


And my husband surprisingly added his new Mott & Bow Bensons into his jean rotation as well. They’re form fitting and trendy, but still loose enough for him to be comfortable enough wearing them doing all the climbing around, squatting, and laying in roads he ends up having to do to get just the right shot for me. So, I guess you could say that they’re Instagram husband approved 😉 📷


My Jeans: Mott & Bow | My T-shirt: Mott & Bow

Reu's Jeans : Mott & Bow | Rue's T-shirt: Mott & Bow


Jeans & T's are true to size and the fit is wonderful


I’m 5 foot 5 inches, and 110 lbs. I typically wear a size XS/S for tops, size 0/S for dresses, and a 00/24 for jeans. I wear a 8-8.5 for shoes


Thanks for checking out Mott & Bow, 💋

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