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My Bedroom Revamp

I don’t know about you, but when the leaves begin to change I get the sudden desire to change, well-everything. From adding new sweaters and thermals to my wardrobe, to enhancing the overall “cozy” feel of my home. There’s just something about the change of seasons that inspires change in me. Does anyone else feel that way? One of my go-to brands for furniture is Dorel Living (they’re responsible for my entire living room set up)

last month, while scrolling through their website I found the two most perfect chairs I’ve ever seen (I’m officially an adult if I’m lusting over furniture online now aren’t I?) And after a few days of not-so-patiently waiting the chairs arrived.

I placed ivory the Novogratz Modern Glam Seashell Chair in my bedroom (more on the other later). I am absolutely obsessed with this chair and I have to say, so is the whole family. From my son, who’s deemed it “his” chair, to my cat Peach who is pretty adamant that he spend a majority of his day lounging in it (oh, to be a cat haha). And I can see why, the chair is perfectly oversized and cozy. I have to admit it's hard to not spend all of my time lounging in it instead of working. I found it on sale over 20% off on Amazon as well (yay). I'll be linking all of my new bedroom adds for the cozy season in my stories today as well!

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