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My Casual Summer Uniform👚


I don't know about you. But I find summer the hardest season to dress for. It's hot & humid, we're all really busy crossing off summer bucket lists, and moms everywhere are attempting to fetch snacks for their tiny humans every ten seconds since school is out for the summer. When you're so busy, It's really easy to push all fashion rules aside and lounge around in a semi-clean sports bra and terry cloth shorts from ten years ago, every day for the next 3 months. And no judgment, as I type this now i'm rocking a coffee-stained white tee and my hubby's old sweatpants. It's hard to style outfits when we're busy. Hey, it's hard for me and it's literally my job. Luckily I've curated the perfect casual summer look to keep you chic and comfy all summer long.

Nothing really beats an amazing pants and tee combo. It's a classic way look chic and casual, while also being sooo comfortable. This look from Betsy Boo Boutique is basically just a conjunction of a few basic staples that everyone needs in their closet to amp up their style game this summer.

let's break it down;

1.) Chambray Joggers.

These joggers are a combination of everything that's trending in the fashion world right now.

Chambray. Check

Utility pockets. Check

Tapered ankles. Check.

And it's just icing on the cake that these beauties are extremely comfortable and under $50.


2.) A Graphic Tee.

Graphic Tees are a great way to add a fun touch to any outfit. And they literally look great with any bottom, jeans, skirts, shorts, even layered on top of dresses. Graphic Tees are your BFF when you're in a style rut. This "vaca" graphic tee is great for any summer trip you may have planned as well.


3.) Slide on Sneaks.

If you don't have a pair of lace-less sneakers in your closet, I'd highly recommend you pick up a pair. They're a foolproof way pull together any look. And, as summer is the season of unpredictable adventures, (You know, you plan a trip to the mall at 9 am and by noon you're at the beach tromping through the sand) they will keep you comfortable through just about anything. You guys know I'm a sucker for anything blush, so this perforated suede option won me over.


4.) The Summer "IT" bag.

If it's wooden, woven, or straw it's probably a family member of the summer "IT" bag. These bags scream "beach day" but also come in very practical styles to carry all of your summer necessities with ease. I love the woven rope overlay, and round wooden handles of this one. It's the perfect size to stash all of my summer essentials in and run out the door.


Hope this cures you of any summer style blues that you may find yourself victim to this season.

xo 😗

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