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My Hair Care Journey With Revela

Y’all I’m not going to lie postpartum hair loss hit me hard after my daughter. With my son, I barely noticed any hair loss or loss of density in my hair, and it grew back really quickly afterward. But after having Athena, it was like the entire composition of my hair changed. My hair was thinner, less full, and even sparse in certain spots.

Hairloss and thinking can really knock down your self confidence. I felt myself straying away from hairstyles I loved before, because my hair just didn’t look/feel the same. Having a job as I do, where testing and trying new products is literally in my job description. I thought it would be a breeze, finding a product to make my hair feel like it used to again. But after over a year and a good dozen product testings I had found nothing to really help my hair. I found products that helped my hair grow or look shiny, but none of those products started at the source of my problem (my roots) and helped increase the actual density of my hair. Then two months ago Revela reached out to me, a quick Google search of their product yelled hundreds of amazing reviews So I decided to give their product a shot. Revela has it serum is back by medical professionals, and contains an all new ingredient clinically proven to increase hairs density in a safer and more effective way than ever before. The serum can be applied via a dropper, directly onto your scalp, and worked into your scalp in a matter of seconds. Not only is it easy to use, but it yielded really quick results for me. In 2 weeks I noticed my hair looking more fuller and thick, And now two months later, and my hair feels just as great as it did before I had my daughter-maybe even better.

Honestly, I can’t picture another serum working as well as this one for making your hair look fuller, thicker more youthful and full of life. I wanted to link the product here in case any of you are struggling from the same hair thinning and lack of density than I experienced-because this product has done wonders for me.

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