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My living room holiday refresh

Never have I received so many requests to share more about a piece of furniture before than with my newest living room addition; this Novogratz Anson Pushback Recliner Is just as comfortable as it is chic. When I began thinking about how I was going to decorate for the holidays this year I knew an entire living room shuffle was in order, you know the shuffle you do when you live in a small space and you’re trying to figure out where the heck your tree is going to go. I’ve been meaning to find a smaller replacement for my old loveseat for a while now, and this chair fit the bill perfectly. It’s small, but cozy, and from the second I saw it I knew It would look adorable nestled next to my Christmas tree. If you’re unfamiliar with Dorel Living, they’re responsible for nearly all of the furniture in my house. My sectional, seashell chair, end tables, and coffee table are all from them. A few things I noticed are consistent with all of the pieces. They have a great modern edge, are really durable, and really really comfortable (I‘d know I’ve napped in the chair more often than I’d like to admit.)

I’m linking my chair here, and I’ll be linking all of my other Dorel Living pieces in my stories so you can check them out.

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