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My Secret to Clear Skin

[ad] Oh the holidays, nothing keeps me busier than the holiday season. Between work, homeschooling my 6-year-old, attempting to run a fairly organized household, and hunting down all of the holiday sales of course, I find that time for self care is few and far between.

One of my most commonly asked questions is for my full skincare routine and beauty routine. But unless my skin is clear of pesky breakouts, I don’t even feel confident wearing my favorite foundation or moisturizer. When I was a teenager I was under the misconception that all of my problems would go away when I was an adult (you know problems with boys, homework, responsibilities, and of course breakouts). While now I know that to be very Untrue (haha) I have found products that are both fast-acting and effective from AcneFree. Another thing I didn’t know in high school, is that when your skin is clearer every part of your skin and beauty routine goes smoother. My makeup applies better, my skin feels and looks better going makeup-free, and I feel 10 times more confident. After trying a slew of products over the years I’ve been using AcneFree products for around 3 months now and I love how they work at keeping my skin clear. I recently added their Adapalene Gel to my skincare routine. I love that it only needs to be applied once-daily, which is ideal for this time of year when I don’t have as much time to spend on my skincare routine. Adapalene Gel is dermatologist recommended and developed, and whereas it was once only available by prescription, it is now available to everyone (Yay!) All AcneFree products are available on Amazon, and at Walmart and Walgreens. With the upcoming Holiday Season keeping me so busy, the last thing I want to worry about are any stubborn blemishes, and now with AcneFree and the Adapalene Gel, I don’t have to!

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