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My Secret to Stress-Free Sleep💤


If you're like me you probably read the title and rolled your eyes just a little. Sleep is, after all the last thing on most of our agendas. In the age of hustlers, movers & shakers, entrepreneurs, and Girl Bosses, sleep probably falls pretty low on your daily to-do list. And I get it, I really do. I, myself find my head hitting the pillow well into the early hours of the morning more often than not. But it's not even the time I find to actually catch some z's that bothers me, but the amount of quality sleep that I get while I rest.

Think about it. How much time of the hours we spend in bed are we actually truly sleeping. For me it's probably less than 50%. I toss and turn. Ponder the cause of the world. Run down my to-do list for the next day. Get up. Check on the kids. Raid the fridge of all their Lunchables while they sleep. You know, the usual things one does while combating insomnia.

It wasn't until Bedsure reached out to me that I actually realized how the poor sleep quality was effecting my life during the day. I wasn't able to focus clearly, I was groggy, and constantly suffering from headaches, and the inability to get everything done that I needed to. I was just plain sleepy, all the time.

Then I started researching weighted blankets, and eventually ordered this one from Bedsure. There's a bunch of articles you can read on why weighted blankets are amazing for anyone experiencing insomnia, stress, or anxiety. But in short, the tiny beads that are inside the blanket add weight to it, and when you sleep the heavy blanket wraps around you making you feel warm and secure, and in turn helping you stay asleep longer. The blanket provides a since of safety and comfort for those who suffer from anxiety as well.

I've been sleeping with my Bedsure pillow and blanket for around two months now, and I am finding myself in bed, actually sleeping from the second my head hits the pillow until my alarm goes off all too soon a few hours later. And since, I've found myself to be more present and focused during the day, and easily checking off all of the boxes on my to-do list.

Do you have any helpful sleep tricks or products that you love? Make sure to comment them below or tag me on Instagram so I can try them out too!


Thanks for reading babes😗,

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