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My Top 5 Self-Care Products

It's a crazy time in the world right now. As we enter week I'm-not-even-sure of quarantine, we are all going a bit insane. If you're anything like me you're bored to an extent so deep, even another episode of Tiger King coming out today can't seem to cure it.

Looking at the vast amount of time we are spending at home positively, we have more time than ever to improve our self-care routines; I'm talking Skincare, body care; the works. After all, we have replaced our beloved salons these days. But i'm here to help, I've rounded up my top 5 favorite self-care products ever, to share with you.

Lets start with my "everything cream". I put this anywhere my skin needs some extra TLC. I use it most often on my legs, feet, and hands, but if I'm every without my nighttime moisturizer this works wonders on my face also.

I just feel better when I'm tan! I consider myself highly experienced in the world of self-tanners, I've been searching for the perfect one since I was 16. Last year this beauty was recommended to me by a fellow blogger, and I haven't looked back since. This self-tanner dries quickly, has little to no "self-tanner" smell, and leaves a nice golden glow to my skin. What's even better is that it's on sale of under $8 right now! I use the shade ultra-dark.

I've struggled with my natural lashes for as long as I can remember, so I was very reluctant that this lash enhancing serum would help. I've been using it for 7 weeks now and I honestly can't rave about it enough. My lashes are so long I've stopped using my beloved falsies. There's also a smaller size option if you want to try-it out before committing to the full sized bottle.

If you have dry-skin like me, this gel cream will make your skin feel amazing! this is the only product I rely on constantly to keep my skin looking dewy and hydrated. One bottle has lasted me a very long time as well, a little goes a long way.

Finally, this lip mask is my go-to for soft, hydrated lips. I wear a small amount all day like a chap stick, and during the night ill put a larger amount on so I wake up with pillowy lips. It's the best lip product I've found, and again a little goes a long way.

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