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Our New Couch🛋️


I wanted to title this post, "couch, couch baby." But it says a lot about me that I already had another post titled "broom, broom baby."

Aside for my dedication to Vanilla Ice puns. Another thing I've been so excited to share with you is my new sectional. When we moved into my apartment three years go, my husband ordered two grey couches for our living room to match our wall color. Long story short, two green couches got delivered, and we needed to move in the next day so, they stayed.

My OCD has annoyed me for years as the green couches clashed with seemingly every other aspect of my home. That's why when Dorel Living offered to send me this adorable, grey kaci Reversible sectional i was giddy with excitement.

We've been living with the couch for about two weeks now. By living I mean, my kids have ate on it, my cats have ran on it, my daughter even (dare i say it) peed on it, and I have to say, it washes like a dream, the fabric is durable, and the cushions are plush and comfortable. We love the sectional aspect of it, because the kids can nap, or rest on one side, while we sit comfortably on the other.

It's just an added bonus that it matches my neutral oasis perfectly. The couch can be purchased right at Walmart or on Amazon.

If you pick one up make sure you tag me so I can see how you style it in your home.






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