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Our stay at Field Guide💼

My family and I have done more leisure traveling this past month, than we have in the last year and let me tell you, traveling is good for the soul. There’s just something about leaving your stressors and worries at home and embracing a change in scenery for a few days.


Last month, we had the greatest few days at the Field Guide Stowe. The lodge-like atmosphere, combined with modern design, was a combination made in heaven. From the plush, faux-fur décor spread throughout the lobby, to the wholesome, and farm-to-table-fresh breakfast, the field Guide Stowe, is the perfect place to spend a few days.


For those of you who haven’t visited, Stowe Vermont is a quaint little town nestled in Vermont mountains. It’s a hot-spot for skiers, and adventurers alike, and if the landscape itself doesn’t take your breath away, the kindness and hospitality of the people surely will. The town itself is complete with beautiful architecture, quaint little shops, and homey little eateries with dishes that pack a big punch.

We decided to travel in early spring, and we are so glad that we did. The hustle, and bustle of the winter adventure seekers had slowed down, and the summer tourist crowd hadn’t quite rolled in yet. The in-between-season bliss is something I’d definitely recommend.


The Field Guide Stowe, made our stay all the more grand. The stunning suite we stayed in was complete with a king-sized bed, a stunning rustic style living room, and the most unique bathtub I’ve ever seen.

So, if you find yourself needing an escape, make a little trip up to Stowe and check out the Field Guide, you wont regret it.

If you're ever in Vermont of just looking for a great place to stay, give Field Guide a go😘

Thanks for reading guys.

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