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Progress with my Revela Journey

Hi friends! I wanted to check in with some progress photos after using my Revela Hair Serum for over 2 months now. If you’re new to my journey with Revela-I started using it a few months ago to combat much of the thinning, sparse spots I had in my hair as a result of postpartum hair loss. My hair felt thin, and lackluster, and I was embarrassed to style it away from my face due to the sparse spots of hair loss around my temples. Two months into using Revela and my hair feels amazing again, I hardly notice any difference in my hair now and how it looked before I had my babies years ago. I feel more confident in wearing my hair up, away from my face because the spots around my hairline that were once sparse, now look full again.

I wanted to show you the difference in this picture I took before I started using Revela, and one I took this week. Honestly it feels like I have a whole new head of hair. Revela is really easy to use, and I find it really simple to incorporate into my daily routine. I just apply a few drops along my roots, and then I work the product into my hair and go about my day. I use it every day after my morning shower to stay consistent. Here’s a video of how I apply it for reference.

If you’d like to check Revela out and try it for yourself I’ll also include a link here. It has amazing reviews and personally I cannot recommend it enough.

After Revela

Before Revela

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