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Redecorating the Kid’s Room

Redecorating the kid’s room was a project we’d been hoping to take on for a while now. But, a huge problem we kept facing was space. My 7 and 4 year old share a room, and having the room be equally gender neutral, and space efficient proved itself to be a challenge. However, when I stumbled upon some Pinterest images of shared rooms with adorable trundle beds, I knew that was the perfect solution to our struggles. These trundle beds weren’t the vintage trundle beds of the past, you know the ones grandma kept her old blankets underneath for extra storage? These were modern, simple, and absolutely darling. They were made by Coco Village.

For our “room refresh” we chose the Coco Village twin House bed with Rail, and opted for the trundle bed option below it.

I fell in love with the white hue, adorable style, and functionality. The fact that both of my kiddos could use it without the additional bulk of having to shove two separate beds into such a small room was an added bonus. Coco village also gave me a promo code to share with you all of you want to snag one of their beds. Use code RACHEL to save 10%. And whereas, the bed obviously became the star of the show I found some great decor to compliment it, like this lush Moroccan rug, and blush toned pouf. We chose the same foam mattresses and pillows for the kids as we use in our room, they’re so cozy and I’m a huge fan of foam over spring mattresses! I’m so surprised at how much one bed really changed their room. We pull the trundle bed out at night for Christopher, and push it in during the day, replacing the space it took up with the soft rug for playtime. The kids love the whimsical feel of their new room, and I love that there’s plenty of room for them to sleep and play.

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