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My Trip To Boston- Fall 2020

last weekend, we headed back to Boston. This time, for a massive 20 outfit photo-shoot. I was determined to have the stunning backdrop of classic Boston townhouses, the iconic cobblestone streets, and that new-England fall foliage, in as many of my October posts as possible.

We spent the weekend at the Hilton Boston Logan, and I have to say, they never disappoint.

The Hilton Boston Logan Airport is a stunning hotel with amenities Galore and a view of the entire city, and Harbor, right from your room window. “Wow mommy look at the view.“ was easily the most spoken sentence during our visit. My son spent most of our stay leaning Against the long corner window in our room, gazing at the planes from the airport As they took off, and the boats in the harbor setting sail. And I don't blame him! The view is absolutely stunning.

The Hilton Boston Logan has a Café, Full-service dining, room service, and a fitness center to meet your every need while exploring the city. They are also taking all necessary Covid precautions with a pick-up/take out style of fine dining, and masks are required throughout the entire hotel.

The landscape outside of the hotel is also gorgeous. We enjoyed nightly family walks around the hotel. The kids very much enjoyed the time outside, Reuben and I enjoyed the break and relaxation, after a long day of zooming around Boston, and shooting content.

Flying into the city? The Hilton Boston Logan is the only hotel directly connected to the airport. You can walk off your flight, and into the stunning Hilton lobby In record Time (how cool is that?)

Thank you again for the wonderful stay to the Hilton Boston Logan, If you’re looking to stay in luxury in Boston you can check them out here.

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