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The Multi Functional Dresser

If you've ever lived in a small space before, you'll know that everything you end up purchasing has to have as many practical uses as possible. I've been testing my creativity for the last three years that we have been renting our duplex, by trying to make everything have at least two uses. My rule is, if it takes up space it has to be multi functional.

That's why, when I needed both a vanity and a dresser for my bedroom, I went on a hunt for the perfect piece of furniture that would be able to double as both. I fell in love with this Belmont, 4 drawer dresser from Delta Children. I love the versatility in using it as a changing table, or leaving the changing table off and having the ability to display my beauty products and accessories on it. I also was looking for a dresser with large, thick drawers that would accommodate a large amount of clothing (my hubby has more T-shirts that anyone else on the planet I swear) and this one has super thick drawers that hold all we needed it for and more.

I absolutely love how multi functional this piece is. We added a swivel stool and large mirror to make getting ready a breeze in the morning. I've been filming all of my videos while using the dresser as a vanity and I have to say it might just be my favorite multi functional idea we've thought up yet.

Have any useful small-space tips you want to share? Make sure tag me in the them so i can check them out as well!



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