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The Rug You Need Now, And Why🤔


I can't be alone in this struggle, but I seem to have the same three problems when buying new rugs for my home;

1.) It sheds (I'm talking furry puppy kind of shedding madness).

2.) It gets ruined in .04 nano seconds by the kids and their inability to only drink or eat in only the kitchen

3.) The cats roll around, on it, accidentally scratch it at, and inevitably it gets many pulls in the threads.

However, I am here to solve your problems with my newest discovery. This month I shared my new shag-style Orian Rug, and it quickly became my most clicked on link of all time. I'm not surprised! This rug is shockingly as durable and kid-proof as it is soft and gorgeous. I've had it in my living room for about 5 weeks now, and I am so impressed with it. The kids have spilled numerous things on it, it cleans like a dream. The cats have done their daily house play on it, and the plush materiel stays perfectly intact.

This rug is truly the unicorn of all rugs. If you have kids & pets this rug is a must.

Also, no furry, shedding madness here! This rug doesn't shed at all, from the second we laid it down in the space there have been no tassels found astray.

And can we just talk about these faded neutral colors with just a touch of the prettiest deep aqua? It makes for the perfect addition to any home. I love neutrals, and I fell in love with the simple color palette and how versatile the colors were for pairing with rooms in my home. This rug could have been placed in any room in my home and would have looked equally amazing and complimented almost any color palette.

Another huge plus for me was that the rug allowed for me (living in a small-ish apartment) to add some life to my home without having to knock down walls or tear up my existing flooring. It's a quick way to polish up any room.

P.S The rug has a great price-point, fast shipping and is so stinking soft!




Thankyou guys😘,

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