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Alright guys let just say that I'm in love with Veestro. Veestro is prefect for anyone who lives a crazy hectic life and sometimes just doesn't have the time to cook a gourmet dinner from scratch. Veestro is an AWESOME food subscription box that gets delivered right to your door and ready to pop either in the oven or freezer.

All Veestro meals are plant-based and you'll be amazed at the amazing flavors that come out of each box. I cooked up a couple of the meals, the Paella Valenciana and the Ultimate Veggie Wrap just to show you guys how easy the preparation is.


- Paella Velenciana -

Starting with the Paella Velenciana, most of the Veestro meals have several cooking options, this meal could be cooked in the oven, stove-top or microwave, I went with stove-top preparation and it was SUPER EASY!

In pan over medium heat

After about 12 minutes it was ready to eat

Now you would think by looking at this dish that you'd be sitting down at a seaside restaurant in Valencia Spain and the dish was recommended to you by the Chef. Not only did I find this outside my front door, it is absolutely delicious.


- Ultimate Veggie Wrap -

This meal was super easy to prepare, about 20 minutes in the oven at 400°f. You could also just throw it in the microwave if that's more convenient for you.

I was very impressed with how this turned out, I would have to say that Veggie wrap is my favorite Veestro meal so far and I intent on trying their ENTIRE menu.

If you like your veggie options and don't really have tons of time to cook, give Veestro a try.

Thanks for reading & stick around,

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