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Zulay Kitchen - Lemon Squeezer

A fun fact about me is that lemons are my absolute favorite fruit. We also cook with them almost daily. One thing that isn’t always the easiest about lemons and limes is that they are so hard to efficiently and safely squeeze (lemon juice in your eye is totally less than favorable). So, when I got the opportunity to team up with Zulay Kitchen, and test their new lemon squeezer I was thrilled.

Little backstory about Zulay Kitchen. They are a family owned company that stands by their products 100%, their products even come with a lifetime warranty. With Zulay kitchen you will be completely taken care of by their in-house costumer service team, shall you have any questions or concerns about their products.

The quality of Zulay Kitchen's products are unbelievable, I highly recommend them, I may or may not have dropped the lemon squeezer on my tile floor a few times already and yes it's still alive 😁😜.

Thanks for checking out Zulay Kitchen,

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